Intern Electrical Power Engineering/Applied Physics| SIM-CI B.V. | The Hague

Intern Electrical Power Engineering/Applied Physics| SIM-CI B.V. | The Hague

  • Vakgebied: Stage
  • Opleidingniveau: WO
  • Locatie: West

Internship research Generating Load Profiles at SIM-CI B.V.

Wat houdt de functie in?

Job information
The way in which we model the electricity network at the moment is sufficient for our current purposes. However, they do not take the various loads into account; different households do not have the exact same load profiles, as everybody is home at different times during the day. We would like to incorporate these variations in the simulations, to make them more realistic.

Your activities

  • Making a static model for the load profiles. This includes selecting theoretical static load models from literature – that fits our business case – and to estimate/extract the corresponding static parameters from empirical data (eg. smart measurement data)
  • Develop a program that generates random load profiles per node/household. These profiles will operate as input for the electricity simulations.This is just a short summary of the tasks. If you are interested, we will provide a more detailed job description.

Wat vragen we van je?

What do we ask from you?
You are a second-year Master student within the field of Electrical Power Engineering or Applied Physics, specialized in Electrical Power. Additionally, you master probability theory and statistics. This internship is 3 – 9 months, depending on your study program. The starting date will be determined in consultation. It is a fulltime internship (4-5 days a week), but your location is flexible. You will sometimes be working at the office in The Hague, at home and/or at your university. This is up to you!

What else?

  • Knowledge of Power System Analysis
  • Obtained the knowledge above in courses such as Decentralized Power Generation, Renewable Energy, and/or Introduction to Wind Energy
  • Programming skills in Python, or experience in MATLAB and willing to learn Python
  • Good command of English language is required.
  • Good communicative skills and team spirit

Wat bieden wij je?

What do we offer?
As SIM-CI is part of Alliander, the compensation and benefits scheme are conforming their regulations. This internship includes a good monetary compensation. However, we believe that the product, tooling and environment should appeal to you the most.

Waar ga je werken?

About Alliander
Alliander is a major Dutch grid operator, supplying millions of customers with electricity and gas everyday.We ensure an energy supply that gives everyone access to reliable, affordable and renewable energy under equal conditions. Now and in the future.
About SIM-CI
You will be working at the R&D team from the start-up SIM-CI B.V. - SIM-CI – ‘Simulating Critical Infrastructures’ – is an Alliander innovation company that was founded in 2014.
SIM-CI offers Critical Infrastructure owners and asset managers a cloud-based platform of asset and risk management solutions that are ‘Resilient by Design’. Critical Infrastructures, such as transportation, electricity, and energy networks, are crucial for society’s safety and security. SIM-CI uses 3D/VR/AR simulation technology to identify and assess the weaknesses and risks inherent to Critical Infrastructures, by means of the "Digital Twin City" platform. A Digital Twin City is a digital copy of a city, which accurately represents its infrastructures and mimics all vital urban processes, as well as their impact on the city.
Our ability to run near real-time simulations of incident or disaster scenarios allows us to map out which areas are vulnerable to flooding, natural disasters, urbanization and cyber-attacks. This in turn gives us in-depth insight into the Critical Infrastructure interdependencies, vulnerabilities, and potential risks – thus enabling cities to prevent or mitigate risks and impacts. Network owners and governmental bodies can apply this technology, allowing them to foresee, identify and assess the impact of events (planned or unplanned) upon their operations. Our real-time data creates valuable visualizations of the processes and infrastructures in our cities, allowing us to play a major role in developing cities that are 'Resilient by Design'.  With our disruptive technology, we can safeguard our vital networks and work towards developing futureproof cities and societies. The SIM-CI services include advanced tooling for secure communications and interactions between CI Network Operation Centres,  Field Service Engineers and external stakeholders such as governmental bodies and related security services.
SIM-CI currently employs over 50 highly skilled scientists, data scientists and AI/VR/GIS developers, dedicated to securing and optimizing critical infrastructures


Do you want more information or do you want to apply?
For more information about this job, you could contact Stagebureau via e-mail: or phone number: 06-21298691. Would you like to apply directly? Please upload your résumé and a clear motivation letter via the ‘direct solliciteren’-button.

Alliander screens all of the applicants. Depending on the job, the screening consists of the following steps: examining references, authenticity of the identitypapers and certificates, integrity research and a declaration concerning behavior. An assessment could be a part of the application procedure.